ALEX HALL recalls his hometown of Gainesville, Georgia much smaller than you would find it now. He grew up riding horses and playing sports, but music has always been an important part of his life. With encouragement from his middle school choral director, he began focusing specifically on singing. It was the summer before high school when he started playing guitar, singing at the local restaurants and bars and writing songs. About writing, he says: 

“I am always jotting ideas down, but I try to follow my heart and write what I’m feeling. It might be something I saw in a movie, a memory or something that someone told me. I just try my best to be honest and as passionate about a song as I can.”

In Hall’s music, a variety of influences can be heard. “I have always been obsessed with Elvis," he says, along with a few other Sun Records artists: Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash. “John Mayer was a huge influence of mine, as well as Kings of Leon and The Killers. I grew up on country music, but I’ve always listened to everything and tried to take as much of it in as I can.” Also, in those teen years, Hall was able to travel the southeast playing live and making connections with country music fans, whom he says are the best fans!

"I have always been obsessed with Elvis."

Hall moved to Nashville at the age of 19. “It was the first time I ever lived outside my parent’s home. It was a little overwhelming moving to a big city that is growing so quickly, but I have enjoyed every moment of it.” Since the move, he has opened for such artists as: Thomas Rhett, Jana Kramer and Scotty McCreery to name a few.  

About his music, Hall says, “I love the melodies on pop and rock music and I love the stories in country songs. In music, there are no boundaries. I feel that with my writing and my singing, It all comes together and it is me!”