About Alex


Growing Up Gainesville

With a population of 33,804, the town of Gainesville, Georgia has grown considerably over the years. Alex Hall remembers when it wasn't that way.

"It was a lot smaller when I was growing up. I rode horses and played sports until right up to high school, then started playing guitar and singing at some of the local restaurants and bars."

Music was always important to Alex, as he remembers being bitten by the bug quite early. "In sixth grade, I joined the choral program at middle school. I always loved to sing, but never really had a dream of doing it. Eric Elliot, who was over the program, really pushed me and believed in me. He put me on stage singing songs, and that led me to start writing," he says. "I don't know if I have a direct approach to writing as much as I just tend to go with what I’m feeling at the moment," says Alex about crafting a song.

"I always try to jot ideas down, but I try to follow my heart and write what I’m feeling. It might be something I saw in a movie from the night before, a memory, or something that someone told me – I just try my best to be as honest and as passionate about a song as I can."


Traveling & Music City

Throughout his teenage years, Alex began to build up quite a reputation for his live show. He traveled throughout the southeast, playing about 175 days a year – all while still in high school. The days were a little long, but Hall assures that there are no regrets.

"I guess more than anything, it taught me how to grab a crowd. Playing fifteen minute sets in a bar when I was fifteen made me realize that I had to keep the crowd entertained by putting on the most energetic show possible."

He has added to his fan base by opening shows for hit makers such as Scotty McCreery, Jana Kramer, and Thomas Rhett.

Alex Hall made the move to Nashville in the spring of 2014. It was a time of adjustment, but one he was glad to make. "It was the first time I ever lived outside of my parents’ home. It was a little overwhelming in moving to a big city that is growing so quickly like Nashville. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it." Such a career path led him to sign with Parallel Entertainment and Parallel Music Publishing.


Style & Influence

Hall’s self-titled EP is now available, and he says that if you hear many different influences in his music, you’d be correct. "I have always been obsessed with Elvis," he says, adding that was one of his first other musical memories was playing "Blue Suede Shoes" on a toy guitar when he was three. He also was enamored with Presley's fellow Sun counterparts, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash. As he got older, other genres figured into his style, as well. "John Mayer is a huge influence of mine, as well as Prince and Michael Jackson. I just love all kinds of music, I guess. I’ve always listened to everything, and tried to take as much of it in as I can."

Alex admits that his style is a perfect combination of all of his musical influences. "I love the melodies in pop music and I love the stories in country songs. There are no borders. I feel that with my writing and my singing it all comes together, and it sounds like me."

Having just signed a publishing and management deal with Parallel Music, Alex Hall is a man who is ready, willing, and able to take his career to the next level.

"I am ecstatic with the team I have around me. They are just great human beings, and are people about what we’re all doing and working toward. There’s so much great stuff coming up, and I am so excited about all of it."